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What do you think about the following statement?

In a stressful week, I often feel tired and exhausted already in the morning, if I don’t get enough Me-time.

My energy levels rise quicker when I engage in sports activities with others.

I can lie on the couch reading a book for hours on end.

When I am stressed out, and have to work indoors at my desk, I am annoyed.

During a stressful phase, I do prefer doing sports as group rather than by myself.

In stressful times I enjoy redecorating my house by myself.

I become aggressive, when deprived of Me-Time during stressful periods.

It makes me feel restless when things go quiet.

When under the pump, I love going for a run by myself. After that I am full of energy.

When I am stressed out, I do prefer the lift over the stairs.

When I am stressed out, I find company after a sports event very relaxing.

When I am deprived of active Me-Time, I become unorganised and chaotic.

I really enjoy stepping out with company, in particular when I am running low on energy.

After being heavily stressed, I best recoup when I am left in peace.

When I am stressed out, I often delay replying to messages up to several days.

When I am stressed out and there’s no Me-time, I become erratic and easily tired.

In stressful times, diversity in my group activity schedule provides me extra energy.

My mobile flat rate makes telcos cringe, especially during stressful times.

When I feel depleted, I best recharge by enjoying a calm and placid location.

When I am stressed out, I recharge when people come over and stay for long.

Especially when I am really stressed out, I enjoy the solitude in my activities.

During stressful times, I need background noise, like TV or radio. That really makes me relax.

If my diary is empty, I actively seek activities.

When I am stressed out and have to miss out on my sports, I am very unhappy.

When I am stressed out, and I cannot do my sports activities by myself, I turn into a monster.

When I am stressed out, it soothes me to walk up and down whilst on the phone.

Hang out with friends once a week is satisfying when I am running low on energy.

When I am stressed out, I cannot sit still for long. I constantly feel I should be doing something, and I feel restless.

When my week was stressful, I do enjoy company on weekends.

When I am super busy I tend to socialise more.

I enjoy working with other people in the same room when times are stressful.

To go on a sports date, I find rather tiresome, when stressed out.

I was out and about a lot during a stressful week, but I am always looking forward to catching up with my peers.

After a long and stressful day at work, I find it relaxing to catchup with friends and talk, where I tend to lose track of time regularly.

In particularly stressful times, I rejoice in parties and being amongst a lot of people.

To make the best of my holiday, I really enjoy doing completely nothing at all.

In stressful times, I do prefer going out with friends over spending my time at home alone.

After a stressful week, I am looking forward to the silence solitude on the weekend.

When I am stressed out, and there is no way to do sports, I am deeply annoyed.

Sport provides short-lived energy. Afterwards I often feel completely exhausted.

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